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Tuesday 01 June 16:00-17:30

Aortic valve stenosis and Lp(a): from genetics to physiopathology

Aortic valve calcification: The role of lipoprotein (a)

Florian Kronenberg, Innsbruck, Austria

Genetic factors underlying aortic valve calcification

Johanna Kuusisto, Joensuu, Finland

Monday 31 May 15:00-16:30

Influence of genes on the susceptibility to atherosclerosis

Novel insight into the genetics of hypetriglyceridemia

Jacqueline Dron, Hamilton, Canada

Polygenic and clinical risk scores and their impact on age of onset and prediction of cardiovascular diseases

Samuli Ripatti, Helsinki, Finland

Tuesday 01 June 14:30-16:00

Cell metabolism and vascular health

Role of SIRT3 in mitochondrial dysfuction and cardiovascular diseases

Martin Bennett, United Kingdom

Tuesday 01 June 12:30-14:00

Diet and CVD

Benefits of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids : from bench to bedside

Phil Calder, Southampton, United Kingdom

The evolving story of omega-3 trials and reduction of CVD risk

Jane Armitage, Oxford, United Kingdom

Monday 31 May 16:00-17:30

Novel approaches and future targets to lower circulating triglycerides

ANGPTLs as a novel targets to reduce CVD risk

Sander Kersten, Wageningen, The Netherlands

Role apo apoC-III in the metabolism of triglyceride rich lipoproteins

Marja-Riitta Taskinen, Helsinki, Finland

Monday 31 May 16:00-17:30

Macrophage function and impaired resolution of inflammation in atherosclerosis

Impaired resolution of inflammation – role of lipid mediators

Magnus Bäck, Stockholm, Sweden

Macrophage immunometabolism in atherosclerosis

Ira Tabas, New York, USA

Wednesday 02 June 10:30-12:00

Extracellular matrix components: guardians of vascular health

Dietary polyphenols and arterial stiffness

Guido R.Y. De Meyer, Antwerp, Belgium

The role of smooth muscle cells in plaque stability

Helle F. Joergensen, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Wednesday 02 June 17:00-18:30

Imaging and the vulnerable plaque

CTA Imaging in the Full Assessment of Coronary Disease Noninvasive Approach to Plaque Anatomy, Ischemia and Risk

Patrick Serruys, The Netherlands

Imaging neoatherosclerosis in coronary stent thrombosis

Michael Joner, Munich, Germany

Tuesday 01 June 10:30-12:00

Immunopathological responses elicited by lipoprotein retention in the arterial wall

Are mastcells welcomed in the atherosclerotic lesions?

Petri Kovanen, Helsinki, Finland

Humoral immune responses in the artery wall.

Christoph Binder, Vienna, Austria

Mechanisms of acute coronary syndromes

Filippo Crea, Rome, Italy

Monday 31 May 16:00-17:30

Current insights into the role of gut microbiota in atherosclerosis

Is gut microbiota a risk factor for cardiovascular disease?

Christoph Reinhardt, Mainz, Germany

The impact of diet on gut microbiota in health and disease

Wendy Garrett, Massachusetts, USA

Tuesday 01 June 11:00-12:30

Liver as the center of lipid metabolism

NAFLD: a multisystem disease

Christopher D. Byrne, Southampton, United Kingdom

Triglyceride metabolism in the liver

David E. Cohen, New York, USA

Tuesday 01 June 15:30-17:00

Lymphatics, lipoproteins and the endothelium

Lymphatic system in cardiovascular medicine

Kari Alitalo, Helsinki, Finland

Lymphatics in the Regulation of Intestinal Lipid Mobilization

Gary Lewis, Toronto, Canada

Wednesday 02 June 15:30-17:00

Atherosclerosis in ageing societies

How to optimize CVD risk reduction

Francesco Cosentino, Stockholm, Sweden

Primary prevention in ageing societies

Martin Mortensen, Aarhus, Denmark

Monday 31 May 11:00-12:30

Lipid metabolism and atherothrombosis

How to optimize  atherothromobotic therapies to reduce CVD risk

Riitta Lassila, Helsinki, Finland

Platelet activation and inhibition in dyslipidemias

Carlo Patrono, Rome, Italy

Wednesday 02 June 14:00-16:30

Lifestyle and prevention: Secrets to success

Lifestyle and prevention: how do we define success?

Benoit Arsenault, Québec, Canada

Weight reduction and atherosclerotic benefits: from actual evidence to future perspectives

Luc van Gaal, Antwerp, Belgium

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