Plenary programme

Monday 31 May

Atherosclerosis: metabolism dysfunction drives inflammation in the vessels

New phenotypes for stratification and modeling of atherosclerosis
Gerard Pasterkamp, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Endothelial mechanotransduction, metabolism and lipoprotein transport in atherosclerosis
Jan Borén, Gothenburg, Sweden
The interface of immune and metabolic responses in atherosclerosis
Esther Lutgens, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Coronary artery calcification and its progression: what does it really mean?
Renu Virmani, Baltimore, USA

Tuesday 01 June

Future CVD management: from gene to phenotype to treatment

From genetic discovery to clinical interventions to combat atherosclerosis
Mark Daly, Helsinki, Finland
Atherosclerosis affecting fat: What can we learn by imaging perivascular adipose tissue?
Charalambos Antoniades, Oxford, UK
SPPARM alpha agonist as for nutrient and energy metabolism - mechanisms and therapeutic opportunities
Jean-Charles Fruchart, Lille/Basel, France

Wednesday 02 June

The rise of cardiometabolic disease as global health threat: towards the UN 2030 goals

Exercise, inactivity, and circadian rhythms - re-setting the clock in metabolic disease
Juleen Zierath, Stockholm, Sweden
The Mediterranean diet, its components, and cardiovascular disease
Miguel Martinez-Gonzalez, Pamplona, Spain
Gender and cardiovascular disease
DeLisa Fairweather, Baltimore, USA
AVSD management: will the future look smarter?
Thomas F. Lüscher, Zürich, Switzerland
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