Advanced Clinical Seminars

Lipid lowering and disturbances in platelet function and coagulation

How to optimize  atherothromobotic therapies to reduce CVD risk

Riitta Lassila, Helsinki, Finland

Platelet activation and inhibition in dyslipidemias

Carlo Patrono, Rome, Italy

Atherosclerosis in ageing societies

How to optimize CVD risk reduction

Francesco Cosentino, Stockholm, Sweden

Primary prevention in ageing societies

Martin Mortensen, Aarhus, Denmark

Current insights into the role of gut microbiota in atherosclerosis

Is gut microbiota a risk factor for cardiovascular disease?

Christoph Reinhardt, Mainz, Germany

The impact of diet on gut microbiota in health and disease

Wendy Garrett, Massachusetts, USA

Liver as the center of lipid metabolism

NAFLD: a multisystem disease

Christopher D. Byrne, Southampton, United Kingdom

Triglyceride metabolism in the liver

David E. Cohen, New York, USA

Lymphatics, lipoproteins and the endothelium

Lymphatic system in cardiovascular medicine

Kari Alitalo, Helsinki, Finland

Lymphatics in the Regulation of Intestinal Lipid Mobilization

Gary Lewis, Toronto, Canada

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