Scientific Topics

Abstracts may be submitted for oral and poster presentations for the following topics.


1.1 Endothelial cell function and biology
1.2 Smooth muscle cell biology
1.3 Macrophages in lipid metabolism and atherosclerosis
1.4 Inflammation, immunity and infection in atherosclerosis
1.5 Extracellular matrix and calcification
1.6 Hormones and atherosclerosis
1.7 Vascular biology of the arterial wall: Miscellaneous
1.8 Atherosclerosis regression
1.9 Imaging technology
1.10 Platelets, thrombosis and atherosclerosis
1.11 Immunometabolism
1.12 Aortic valve stenosis
1.13 Clonal Haematopoiesis


2.1 Lp(a)
2.2 TG rich lipoproteins metabolism and lipases
2.3 HDL
2.4 Lipoprotein receptors
2.5 Bile acids
2.6 Cholesterol efflux and reverse cholesterol transport
2.7 Lipids beyond cholesterol and triglycerides (lipidomics)
2.8 Cellular lipid metabolism and lipid droplets
2.9 Lipid and lipoprotein metabolism: Miscellaneous
2.10 Modified lipoproteins
2.11 Liver metabolism and steatosis
2.12 Adipose tissue biology and pathology



3.1 Epidemiology of cardiovascular diseases and risk factors
3.2 Epidemiology of dyslipidemias
3.3 Diabetes, insulin sensitivity and resistance
3.4 Adipose tissue homeostasis
3.5 Inherited dyslipidemias
3.6 Gender and cardiovascular risk
3.7 Environmental risk factors
3.8 Novel risk factors and biomarkers
3.9 Epidemiology of socioeconomic and psychosocial risk factors
3.10 Coagulation
3.11 Gut microbiome
3.12 Gene editing technology
3.13 Genomics, GWAS and population genetics; Mendelian randomization
3.14 Epigenetics and microRNA
3.15 Gene-Environment interactions


4.1 Coagulation and Thrombosis
4.2 Endothelial dysfunction; Clinical assessment
4.3 NASH and other ectopic lipid diseases
4.4 Chronic kidney disease and nephropathies
4.5 Diabetes; macro- and microangiopathies
4.6 Aneurysms and other non-atherosclerotic arteriopathies
4.7 Nutrition, nutraceuticals
4.8 Bariatric surgery
4.9 Lipid-lowering therapies
4.10 Anti-thrombotic therapies
4.11 Anti-inflammatory therapies
4.12 Prevention and treatment of cardiovasculardisease; miscellaneous
4.13 New lipid lowering therapies

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